Transitional Times Transitional Body

$10.00 - $15.00

3rd printing! Tales from the crossroads of desire, hope, and despair. A sci-fi survivor memoir that has no princes, cops, or chosen people, that does not promote the colony or romanticize the empire. The short stories in this freshly expanded collection make apt companions for travelers, underworlders, heartbroken hope seekers, and of course fellow cyborgs.

Transformed from zine originals & first prints in award-winning trans scifi anthologies, this book contains 5 short stories:
Heat Death of Western Human Arrogance
About A Woman and A Kid
The Romance of the Colony
Monk's Dream
and the novell/ette
Real Work You Deserve

Set in OpenDyslexic typeface.

106 pages.

Priced on a pay-what-you-wish scale of $10~15 USD.

3rd edition for 2020 (1st ed was zine, 2nd ed had lilac purple cover).
ISBN: 978-0-9981138-3-8
Ships media mail.

Bulk orders (10 copies) available for $65 + $5.50 shipping. US only. Use Contact Form to inquire.


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